• 7th Grade Supply List

    2017-2018 School Year

    1” 3 ring binder for each subject (4 total)
    Dividers for binders (4 total)
    College ruled filler paper (several reams)

    4 one subject spiral notebooks (non perforated for Sci)
    3-5 subject spiral (for Soc. Studies)

    Post it notes (for multiple classes)
    #2 pencils (regular or mechanical)
    Blue or Black Pens
    Red pens
    Dry Erase Marker 4 pack
    Dry eraser (eraser or sock or cloth)
    Lined 3X5 index cards (several packs)
    Ruler with standard and metric measurements
    Small scissors (personal)
    Glue (small bottle of liquid- get several)
    Double stick tape (approx 5 rolls)
    Colored pencils (personal use)
    8 count markers (personal use)
    Flash drive (for personal use)
    Highlighters (several assorted colors)
    1 ream White computer paper

    1 ream colored computer paper (used for Sci and SS activities for classroom)

    For Classroom use:
    Clorox Wipes
    Baby Wipes

    Hand Sanitizer

    We would suggest that you consider purchasing supplies in bulk number, while they are

    on a greatly discounted price, at the start of the school year.

    * Arizona law required that public schools provide supplies required for academic
    success. This list represents optional, supplementary items which you may supply at
    your discretion. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Keene.”