•  Assessment
    DVUSD Assessment Philosophy
    Assessment is the systematic collection of data about student learning based on standards and the use of that data to create a continuous cycle of improved teaching and learning.  The DVUSD learning community believes that assessment is for student learning, is student-centered and involves a commitment by all stakeholders.
    DVUSD Assessment Intent
    District assessments are a part of an effective assessment system intended to determine both a current student performance level and measure of the guaranteed and viable, standards-based curriculum implemented across the district.  In order to inform instruction, measure student learning, and close achievement gaps, DVUSD endorses the use of diverse classroom assessment data, such as formative, summative, performance-based, portfolio, and student observation.  Results are used in conjunction with district, state, and national assessment data to form a picture of student learning.  DVUSD celebrates data indicators that provide opportunity for growth in the goal of providing an extraordinary educational experience for all students.
    DVUSD Approach to Assessment
    DVUSD's approach to assessment includes appropriately scheduled assessments within each content area and a focus on five measurement purposes:
    • baseline (beginning level of knowledge prior to instruction)
    • inform instruction (level of understanding throughout instruction)
    • show content mastery (summative)
    • gauge student growth (summary of learning attained over a period of time)
    • predict success (expectation of future performance)


    DVUSD Mathematics Assessments
    K-8 Mathematics: K-2 teachers administer district interim assessments 2 times per year (Mid and Post). 3rd-8th grade teachers administer 2 district interim assessments (Nov. and Feb.) to assess progress towards the AzM2.
    High School Mathematics: Algebra 1-2, Geometry 1-2, and Algebra 3-4 administer district common unit assessments according to their classroom timelines.  These courses also have a cumulative multiple choice and written assessment (final exam) administered at the end of each semester.  Other courses with district final exams include Pre-Calculus Honors, College Algebra, College Math, and Probability and Statistics. 
    Arizona students take the AzM2 assessment.  For sample questions and other useful information visit azm2portal.org.