K-12 Standards
    New Science standards were adopted by the state of Arizona in October of 2018. Deer Valley Unified School District is phasing in the new standards over a three year period.  
    • 2019-20 School Year 
      • Grades 3, 6 and high school Biology will fully implement the 2018 Standards.
      • All grades K-12 will transition to using the Science and Engineering Practice.
    • 2020-21 School Year
      • All grades K-8, and high school Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Environmental Science will fully implement the 2018 Standards.
      • All grades will tranistion to using the Crosscutting Concepts.
    • 2021-22
      • All grades and content areas, K-12, will fully implement the 2018 Standards.
    For more information regarding the new Arizona State Science Standards, please visit the Arizona Department of Education website.  

    Arizona Department of Education Science Standards (2005)