What is the AZELLA?
    The Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) is a standards based assessment that measures students' English language proficiency based on the Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards. The AZELLA is used for placement and reassessment purposes for students who are identified as a second language learner. Students who are placed into an English language learner program will take the AZELLA reassessment once a year until they achieve English proficiency.   
    Who takes the placement test?
    The placement test is administered within the first thirty days of the new school year or two weeks of enrollment to new students who have another language other than English noted on the school registration form or Primary Home Language Other Than English (PHLOTE) survey and have no prior AZELLA test history.
    Who takes the reassessment?
    Students who have been identified as an English language learner and students whose parents have refused services take the reassessment. Refusal students are tested on the AZELLA until  English proficiency has been obtained.