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     Program Description
    The term “English Language Development” is used to identify classes and programs that provide instruction to students who have limited English proficiency.  Students in Deer Valley’s English Language Development (ELD) program enter at various levels of English proficiency, from non-English speaking students to fluent speakers of English who need additional instruction in reading, writing listening and speaking.
    School districts are required by law (ARS § 15-751-755) to identify, assess, provide services and monitor the progress of students who have a primary home language other than English.  In Deer Valley Unified School District, ELD program services are provided to students within their school attendance boundary.
    Each school will be served by an ELD teacher, SEI (Structured English Immersion)  teacher or ELD Site Coordinator.  This teacher or coordinator will coordinate services at the school and consult with mainstream teachers.  EL Instructional Assistants are also assigned as needed based on student population.  Mainstream teachers may be responsible for a portion of the four hours of Sheltered English Instruction.
    Grading Procedures for English Learners
    ELD teachers will be responsible for issuing grades in the areas that they directly teach. Mainstream ILLP teachers will issue content area grades based upon the ELP/CCRS State Standards and the ILLP for each individual student.  Promotion, retention, acceleration and grading can be found in DVUSD's PRAG handbook.
    Referral Process for Potentially Gifted Students

    Any classroom/core or EL teacher, parent or student may refer EL students or self for the gifted program.  Students may be given the gifted assessment(s). EL students may also be placed into gifted cluster classrooms based on the district matrix for identifying gifted EL students who demonstrate defined gifted characteristics.  Extensions, enrichment, compacting of the curriculum as well as modifications and accommodations to the curriculum will be implemented as needed.
    Definitions for Key Terms
    English Language Learner (ELL)
    Structured English Immersion Classroom (SEI)
    Individualized Language Learner Plan (ILLP)
    Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA)
    • Pre-Emergent/Emergent
    • Basic
    • Intermediate

    Office of English Language Acquisition Services (OELAS)