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How Math Class Works

  • How Math Class Works

    • Class starts with a review problem or a Sprint (math facts) and materials gathering and writing in agenda.
    • Students learn about the daily learning target and practice on whiteboards (Concept Development). **Students can watch a video in Canvas on the daily Concept Development page as a further resource.***
    • Students practice problems with the teacher on paper in the Problem Set.
    • Students finish assigned Problem Set problems independently.
    • Students complete Exit Ticket to show their understanding of daily learning target.
    • Students use the DreamBox website for additional math practice during Intervention time (unless at a Read 180 meeting or with Mrs. DeVargas for ELA).



    • Always have materials with you:  agenda, pencil pouch, sharpened pencils, dry erase marker, eraser for dry erase, hand-held pencil sharpener, earbuds/headphones
    • Save Problem Set pages until after quiz/Test is taken. You can review these before tests or quizzes.
    • Other paper pages from the binder can be done for extra practice but DO NOT need to be turned in unless instructed.



    • Always check how an assignment is labeled.  A "MUST DO" has to be completed. A "CAN DO" is optional.  If a student is absent, ALL of the Canvas work for that day is a MUST DO no matter how it is labeled.
    • Only work that is labeled as GRADED actually goes in the PowerSchools Gradebook. All Problem Sets and Exit Tickets are created as "Quizzes" due to limits of the Canvas platform.
    • The Canvas Gradebook is NOT used for student grades.  The ONLY accurate information about your child's quarterly grade is in PowerSchools. Canvas can show how your student did on a particular assignment.



    • Students grades are weighted as follows:  55% Assessments      40% Assignments      5% Homework       Look in PowerSchools to see how each entry in the Math Gradebook is designated.
    • Retakes: Students may request the chance to improve a quiz or test score with a retake if the score is below 80%.  The student should SAVE the original quiz and request a retake from Mrs. Huber.  Quizzes or tests may only be made up within the same Unit or Module.


    Absences from class (for any reason)/Missing Work

    • Watch the lesson video from the day you missed class!  Go to the Canvas math class - scroll down to "Modules" - click on the week of the missed class - click on the date for the missed class to see all of the assignments/videos.
    • Complete the Problem Set along with the video. Stop the video as needed to work on problems.
    • Complete all MUST DO work as soon as possible!  
    • ALL missing work must be completed within 2 weeks of the end of the Module.


    MULTIPLICATION FACTS! 4th graders are expected to have their facts memorized already.

    • Memorize multiplication facts as soon as possible!
    • Make skip counting charts for each number 1-9 and practice chanting them.
    • Get flash cards and practice all of one number (i.e. 3x4, 6x3, 9x3).
    • Print practice worksheets from the internet and do them.
    • Have mom or dad quiz on some facts each day!



  • 4th Grade Units of Study - Eureka Math Modules

    Module 1:  Place Value, Rounding, and Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction

    Module 2:  Unit Conversions and Problem Solving with Metric Measurement

    Module 3:  Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division

    Module 4:  Angle Measure and Plane Figure

    Module 5:  Fraction Equivalence, Ordering and Operations

    Module 6:  Decimal Fractions

    Module 7: Exploring Measurement in Multiplication 


    ****4th Grade Modules are taught out of order.  The sequence is as follows:

    Module 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 4, 2

    This allows the most time to be spent on the essential standards of 4th grade.