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    Homework Policy:
    Homework is meant to be an extension of what we do in the classroom. In first grade, the purpose of homework is to help students develop organizational skills, learn responsibility, and reinforce skills learned in school.  It is also a time to involve parents in the educational process. Homework is time well spent on important skills, rather than "busy work!" 

    First graders are expected to spend time each night practicing their reading, sight words, and weekly word (spelling) pattern. On Monday, there will be a homework activity sheet sent home along with the word  pattern for the week.  It will be due back on Friday. It will include integrated homework choices, a place to record reading minutes, and a word study (spelling) list. Occasionally, I may attach a math game or activity we have learned in class.  Additionally, if a student scores below 80% on any math assessment, he or she will bring home extra math practice sheets and/or activities to help reinforce the skills we are learning in class. He or she will then have the option to retake the test.  Also, each month there will be a Family Project for students and their families.  Most of these "projects" are optional, but well worth the time!  Students love doing the family projects!  All projects and activities are choices on the Tic Tac Toe Homework page and are meant to add choice and interest in the homework process!  Notes on current projects, word study practice choices, and ideas for optional math practice will be listed here. The homework sheet will also be posted here if you need a copy. Be sure that your child reads 15-20 minutes a night!
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    Daily Reading: This can include, Reading Street story, library books, RAZ-Kids, and weekly sight words.