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Monthly Newsletters


   Welcome to our class!   The monthly newsletter will go home in your child's folder at the beginning of each month.

I will send a hard copy of the kindergarten homework each week.  Please remember to help your child keep track of daily homework.  All they have to do is color in the star if they have done all the tasks.  Homework is due on Fridays for me to view.  Along with the daily tasks, students need to read and keep track on the reading logs. This log will have a small task for your child to complete.

 Reading is so important to your child's academic growth.  READ TO YOUR CHILD AND HAVE YOUR CHILD READ TO YOU!  It is also very important to help your child memorize the sight words. 

Remember to also leave the “bee”havior log in your child’s folder.  I stamp a happy bee stamp each day.  Some days, the children can earn an extra bee or a star.  

Thank you if you signed up to be a classroom helper.  I like parents to come in and do the folders, poetry books, cutting, creating, you name it.  I also like parents to work with small groups or individual children.    You must take the volunteer training to be a classroom helper. Keep in mind that you must also attend the training to go on field trips.  I send a monthly calendar out to those who have volunteered.  If you did not get one, let me know and I will send a copy to you. 


Please remember that ALL poetry books are due on Thursdays and library books are due on Tuesdays.

I am looking forward to an exciting year with our class.  

Please email me any questions or concerns you may have – 



                                                                        Mrs. Melvin