Book Projects

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    Each month you will be assigned a book genre, and a book project. By the 5th of each month, you must turn in the Book Selection Form signed by both you and your parents. December and May will not be assigned months. Points for neatness and creativity will be included in your grade. You may choose the book project format from the attached list. You may only use each project idea once. On the project chart provided, you must document the book that you read for each month and the project type. Some months you will be given a "free choice". This means that you may select a genre of your choice to read for that month’s project. The books must be chapter books at your SRI level and at least 150 pages. For biography, a minimum of 100 pages is acceptable. If you are unsure about your book, please check with your teacher. The projects are worth 100 points. Remember, you have an entire month to complete the book project. The quality of your project should reflect the amount of time you have to work on it! Most of the reading should be done during DEAR time or at home for your reading log.