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    Welcome to a new and exciting school year! I am looking forward to working with each of you.  This year, you will encounter new challenges as you prepare for high school.  We are going to have an amazing year together!


    Description of Course

    The 8th grade math class is based on Arizona’s Career and College Readiness Standards and the Deer Valley Unified School District Curriculum. The curriculum includes the following domains: The Number System, Expressions and Equations, Functions, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. The Standards for Mathematical Practice are embedded in all of the domains. There are 8 mathematical practices:

    1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. 2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
    2. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others 4. Model with mathematics.
    3. Use appropriate tools strategically. 6. Attend to precision.
    4. Look for and make use of structure. 8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.


    Suggested Materials

    Ø  Dry erase markers (both fine and thick tip)

    Ø  Graph paper

    Ø  Ruler

    Ø  Compass

    Ø  Protractor

    Ø  3-ring binder (1 inch is sufficient)

    Ø  Pencils and erasers                                      

    Ø  Loose leaf paper

    Ø  Calculator (TI-30X or similar)

    Ø  Colored pens

    Ø  Scissors










    * Please let me know if you need assistance with any of these items.

    Arizona law requires public school provide supplies required for academic success. This list represents optional, supplementary items which you may supply at your discretion.


    Determining Quarter Grade and Final Grade

    Grades will be determined on the students’ cumulative earned points and weighted by category.

    Grades will be based on the following:

    70% - Assessments

    25% - Projects, Presentations, and Classwork

    5% - Homework


    The final (year-end grade) will be based on each of your grades from each of the 4 quarters and will follow the Deer Valley Unified School District’s Promotion, Retention, Acceleration and Grading Handbook.


    Classroom Environment

    In order to be successful in learning 8th grade math concepts, students must engage in the learning activities. Engaging in your learning means: listening to the teacher and other students; attempting/trying to complete tasks; asking questions of the teacher and of other students; presenting your thinking to other students and the class; and taking risks. Disruptions to the learning environment are not acceptable and consequences will follow the school discipline policy.



    The purpose of homework is to give you practice of previously learned skills and to give you an opportunity to apply what you are learning in class to solving problems. If you are absent, you are still responsible for the learning that occurs in class as well as any assignments that you may miss.  Notes can be obtained from another student in the class, in your Illustrative Mathematics binder, the student section Open-Up Resources, and Canvas (see my website for links).  Weekly lesson plans and assignments are posted on my website that you can access through the school website.  If you are absent, you should complete the assignments you missed and go over them with me. You must make up tests or quizzes missed due to an excused absence within one week of the original test date. In case of serious or extenuating circumstances, please contact me to make other arrangements. Please remember math concepts build upon each other and missing lessons taught by the teacher will make learning new concepts difficult and can affect your performance.



    All work should be completed by the student. Any work that has been plagerized (copied) from any source ie. Apps that give answers, other students, or the internet may receive partial to zero credit at the teacher’s discretion. 


    Late Work

    All assignments are expected on their assigned due dates. If you are absent on a due date, the work is expected on the day of your return.  If you are on campus, but not in class, your work still must be handed in on time. If you are absent, you will have 1 day for each absence to complete work that was assigned while you were out. Work is considered late if it is not completed and turned in by the due date, which adversely affects future learning and the assignment grade.



    You must take assessments the day they are given. The only exception is if you miss the previous TWO days before the assessment. An absence the day before the assessment will not excuse you from the assessment. In order to ensure mastery of concepts, students will be required to make corrections on assessments on which they did not demonstrate proficiency. Students will complete an Assessment Correction Form on which they will correct all mistakes from the assessment, as well as explain their errors in writing. This will earn back ½ of the missed points.  


    Additional Help

    Extra help is for students who are engaging in class learning activities but continue to struggle with specific math objectives. Students should speak to me directly to devise a plan for extra help.


    Student Responsibility

    I will do my job, which is to teach you math, but you will need to do your job. Your grade is the pay you receive for doing your job. The more you put into it, the more pay you shall receive (or the higher the grade!). How can you be successful in math?


    1. Come prepared for class                    4. Complete all assignments
    2. Pay attention in class                         5. Study at home for all assessments
    3. Fully engage in class activities                      6. Ask questions when you do not understand! Canvas (DVUSD Learning Management System)

    Deer Valley USD uses Canvas to support the district’s technology initiative. Designed specifically for K-12 teachers and students, Canvas is an easy-to-use, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that connects all the digital tools and resources teachers use into one simple place. It integrates seamlessly with hundreds of apps, empowering teachers and students with countless tools to make teaching and learning easier and more engaging.

    Canvas provides a secure way for teachers to deliver instruction and also provides a user friendly way to virtually interact with students, provide performance feedback, and record and update grades. The Canvas grade book is connected to our student information system, PowerSchool. Parents can create a Canvas parent account to track progress, view grades and sign up to receive teacher announcements and notifications. To sign up for the parent

    “observer” account go to dvusd.instructure.com. On the main login page, find “create a parent account” and authenticate using your student's user name and password, which is their main school computer login.


    Cell Phone/Electronic Device Classroom Policy

    Cell phones and technology are a large part of our world today. There are times that using cell phones/electronic devices are permitted during the school day and during class learning experiences at the discretion of the teacher. Cell phones/electronic devices are expected to be turned off upon entering the classroom and are expected to be placed in the students’ backpack. This includes ear-buds and head-phones. The only time a cell phone/electronic device should be out or in use is when the teacher has specifically stated that it may be used for educational purposes. If the cell phone policy is not followed, the following consequences may occur:


    1. Confiscation, verbal warning, and documentation. Device will have to be picked up after school from teacher or the office.
    2. Incident report and/or phone call to parent
    3. Detention
    4. Office referral

    I want you to have the best year in math! Together, we can make sure you are fully prepared for high school. If you do not ask questions, I assume that you understand the material. Math concepts build upon each other.   If you don’t understand a concept, don’t let it go by. It will come back up again and if you didn’t learn it the first time, you will have trouble again. The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. Asking will help others in the class that are afraid to speak up.


    For additional information at any time throughout the year, please visit my teacher website at the following address. Much of this information can be found there as well as lesson plans and additional resources. You can access the lesson plans directly through the school website, address below, then select staff websites then Dina Pawling.

















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    I have read and understand the 8th grade math procedures.



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