• Gecko Library Rules

    Be Respectful

    • Respect property and others
    • Use quiet voices
    • Use shelf markers when looking at books

    Be Responsible

    • When coming to the Library Media Center without a teacher:
      • Library Passes are required
      • Students MUST sign in and out at the Circulation Desk
    • Return material on time
    • If you use a computer other than the Library Search Kiosk, log off the computer when you leave and use technology appropriately

    Be Safe

    • Walk at all times
    • Follow Directions

    Be a Learner

    • Be an active listener
    • Know the rules and follow them


    Children from kindergarten through the 6th grade may check out books as follows:

    • K – 1st  – book
    • 2nd – 6th Grades – book  book  

    All checkouts are for 2 weeks.

    Books may be renewed once if there are no holds on the title.  Students are required to renew the book on the due date.  Library privileges are suspended until an overdue book is returned, renewed, or paid for if lost or damaged. 

    After students have read their books, they should ALWAYS go back into their backpack. It's the best way not to lose them and students will always have them when they are visiting the LMC.  Please be mindful of water bottles placed in backpacks.  This can quickly ruin books!  Always use the outside holders.

    Internet Usage

    Computers are available for student use during regularly scheduled class visits as well as for students on passes.  They may be used for assigned class work, research, and testing.  Students and parents/guardians must read and understand the Internet and E-mail User Agreement and both must sign the Acknowledgements and Verifications form before students are allowed to use the computers.  Computers are monitored and privileges can be canceled for violations of this agreement.  The District offers students space on the server to save school projects; however, students must provide their own USB drive to save files for use elsewhere.