• File Format
    Sierra Verde students will think critically, respond digitally, and communicate effectively ....YES! 

    Using technology to create and submit your work is a STEAM and Viper expectation. Just like real life, however, sharing digital content for class credit can be a challenge. Sierra Verde Vipers are responsible to understand the digital media available to them, and to submit their work in a format that is universally viewable (and especially viewable by your teacher!).
    Accepted file formats are:
    • PDFs (Portable Document Format) - This is your safest bet for any digital file submission
    • Documents: Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Google Sheets 
    • Presentations: PowerPoint, Sway, Google Slides
    • Images: JPEG, TIFF, PNG
    • Media: MOV, MWV, AVI
    Other file formats should be converted to one of the standards above. This is easy in most programs and can usually be done be selecting either "Save As..." or "Export..." from the File menu. 
    Here are tips for saving your files in formats that are guaranteed to be acceptable in class. 

    Microsoft  PowerPoint 2013 is the standard presentation program for Deer Valley. It can open most previous versions as well. If you are using another presentation program such as Keynote for Mac or Google Slides, you should convert the presentation to PowerPoint before bringing it to class. 
    Converting Apple Keynote
    Just like exporting to PDF, converting your Keynote presentation to PowerPoint is easy. Simply click File > Export To > PowerPoint. You should always double check your converted presentation; graphics and fancy animations may not work the way you expect them to.
    Export to PPT  
    Converting Google Slides
    Slides is Google's free online presentation software. If you create a presentation in Slides, you can store it online and present it from a web browser. You are responsible for knowing how to do this before you get to class! If you wish to export it to PowerPoint and download it instead, follow these easy steps: just click File > Download as > Microsoft PowerPoint.

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