Top 20
  • Top 20 at Legend Springs! Top 20 works to use teachable moments to instruct kids as they develop strong emotional intelligence. Top 20 encourages students to be more than book smart, it helps students make smart personal decisions and teaches students how to interact with others in a positive and supportive way. We call this helping students stay "Above the Line."   Top 20 puts a focus on developing good habits in (TLC) Thinking, Learning and Communicating! Our students will learn strategies for staying "Above the Line" so they can reach their maximum potential in all areas of their life.  Students will learn what it means to Keep Their Day so they are able to navigate through life in a productive manner when conflict and misunderstanding occur. Students will also learn about the four main jobs to create and sustain a healthy school culture; We Help Each Other Succeed, We Communicate You Matter, We Honor the Absent and We See the Problem, We Fix the Problem.

    Parents, if you would like to review the Top 20 concepts that we will be reviewing with students in the first semester, click HERE! If you want to review second semester concepts, click HERE!