Student Research


    Student Research



    Deer Valley Unified School District is providing each student with an incredible research tool, free access to the Arizona State research databases. We want students to realize that academic research goes far beyond simply "Googling" something.  
    To access this great academic tool, simply click here.


    Quick access to the Digital Arizona Library:


    Other Research Resources
    Factmonster - A fun way to do research! This isn’t for the big stuff, but if you want to learn a little and have fun doing it, this is the site!
    IPL2 for Kids  - Lots of great resources, including homework help
  - What is an American? Choose your story (era) from the outline and expand your knowledge using the links on the sidebar. Awesome site!
    World Wide Web Virtual Library - Good for digging deep into world history

    World Fact Book  - Contains history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 countries.  - President biographies

    Rudiments of Wisdom  - An odd resource, but useful. An ex-engineer uses comics to illustrate how the world works. This is a helpful resource for kids who need a break from pages that seems to have too many words!
    Explorers Resources:
    Mr - extensive biographical information on 22 world-changing explorers and their explorations. You can filter by Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, or American explorers.
    Enchanted Learning Explorers - Explorers listed in alphabetical order.
    Discoverers Web - Discoverer's Web has an overwhelming number of links and information about discovery, voyages, and exploration, making it invaluable for student research and teaching lessons.
    WW2 Resources:
    PBS--The Perilous Flight  WW2 in Color  - There is plenty of useful text, too.

    Additional Research Help:
    Citation Machine™ - helps students and professionals properly credit the information that they use. Cite your research sources in APA or MLA format.

     Evaluating Sources


    Evaluating Websites

              List of sites to evaluate

    Cite your source!  If you can't find all the information to cite the source, it may not be a reliable website


           Citation Maker


           Citation Machine 


    Check Internet Photos

              How to Fact-Check Images with Google



    Double check information




    Tips for Spotting Fake News


    How to Spot Fake News