We are learning to love reading!

    January 13~17

    Monday:  OBJ:  I can compare/contrast an article with a speech by filling our my graphic organizer/ annotated text.  

    TASK:  MLK speech/ Jigsaw

    Tuesday: OBJ: I can analyze the author's purpose in a text by comparing a speech to and article.  

    TASK:  t-chart

    Wednesday:  I can compare/contrast genres by completing a graphic organizer.  

    TASK:  CReader pg 103

    Thursday: I can analyze how two or more authors can emphasize differing points of view.  

    TASK: Socratic Seminar Prep

    Friday:  OBJ: What would you do part 2  / Brain day

    HW:  Membean Quiz #18


    November 18~26th

    Monday:  OBJ:  I can analyze a text and determine the text structure and how the author develops ideas over the course of the text. 

    TASK:  Quiz #2  RI5

    Hw:  Literature Project #2 due Friday  

    Tuesday:  OBJ: I can analyze media and determine an author's point of view.  

    TASK:  Abby Sunderland "Ship of Fools" connotation activity.

    HW:  Complete connotation if not finished

    Wednesday:  OBJ: I can determine if the text contains sound reasoning and relevant evidence. 

    TASK:  ABC News interview/ Close Reader/ Jordan Romero

    HW:  Finish Close Reader

    Thursday:  OBJ:  I can analyze a text and find generalizations that impact the ideas.  

    TASK:  Generalization activity

    HW:  Literature Project #2 due Friday

    Friday:  OBJ; I can self-assess my levels of stress and learn how to manage it.  

    TASK:  Teen Life-line presentation

    HW:  Membean Quiz #13


    Monday: I can complete a pre-write for an informational essay. 

    TASK:  pre-write

    HW:  Complete pre-write

    Tuesday:  I can transfer my pre-write into sentences and paragraphs for my rough draft.  

    TASK:  rough draft

    HW:  Complete rough draft   due Monday December 2nd   



    October 21~25

    Monday:  OBJ:  I can dissect narrative writing prompts and write creatively.

    TASK:  Task Cards and ISN notes

    HW:  Lit project #1 due Nov. 1st and Membean training

    Tuesday;  OBJ: I can take my Narrative Writing test

    TASK: District Narrative TEST

    Wednesday:  OBJ: I can determine the difference between text structures.

    TASK:  ISN notes

    Thursday:  OBJ: I can analyze media and identify text structure.

    TASK:  Media with Abby Sunderland, Jordan Romero ISN assingments

    HW:  Complete ISN if not finished in class

    Friday:  Brain Day:  OBJ: I can analyze my skill strengths for my executive functioning.  

    TASK:  Executive functioning day

    HW:  Membean Quiz #9



    October 7~11th

    Mon:  OBJ:  I can use indirect characterization and descriptive word choice in my narrative.

    TASK:  Writer's workshop #3

    HW:  complete peer edit if not finished and lit project #3 due Friday

    TUE: OBJ:I can publish my narrative in the correct MLA format.

    TASK: final copy

    HW:  Membean and read

    WED: OBJ:I can retake RL2 quiz

    TASK: retake and working on literature projects

    HW:  Membean and reading

    Thurs: OBJ: I can prepare my lit project and train on Membean

    TASK:  catch up day

    HW:  Literature project #3 due tomorrow 

    FRI: OBJ: I can train my brain to be a powerful tool for good.

    TASK: Brain day

    HW:  Membean Quiz #7

    September 16~ September 20th

    Mon: OBJ:  I can use a rubric and provide feedback to my peers

    TASK:  Rubric Evaluations/  Data folders

    HW:  Literature Project #2 due Friday  /  Membean Quiz Friday

    Tue:  OBJ:  I can complete a student interactive for Literary elements.

    TASK:  Student interactive/ online Ebook

    Wed:  OBJ:  I can organize the elements of literature into my notes.

    TASK:  Cornell notes in ISN/ Video clips

    Thurs: OBJ: I can complete a pre-write for a narrative short story

    TASK:  Prewrite, directions

    HW:  Literature Project #2 due tomorrow

    Fri:  OBJ: Brain Day!  I can analyze a short story- determine the theme and identify story elements

    TASK:  Private Ivestigators!  

    HW:  Membean Quiz #5



    August 26~ August 30



    Mon: OBJ: I can plan a skit around a specific theme.

    TASK:  Skit planning with team.

    HW:  Literature Project #1 is due Friday. Remember to look for the literature project assignments right here on my website.  Membean Quiz #2 is Friday.  Please train for three days and make sure you train for 15 min. each time. 

    Tuesday:  OBJ: I can present a skit using my speaking and presentation skills.

    TASK:  Skit presentations

    HW:  work on literature project and train for Membean

    Wednesday:  OBJ: I can analyze the theme of a text and see it's progress over the course of the text.

    TASK: "OLD Sultan" annotations and analysis of the theme.

    HW:  work on literature project and train for Membean

    Thursday:  OBJ: I can provide an objective summary of the theme.

    TASK:  Objective summary writing

    HW: Literature Project #1 due tomorrow

    Friday:  OBJ: I can use my pre-frontal cortex to resolve conflicts.  

    TASK: Brain notes and video

    HW:  Membean Quiz #2


    September 3rd~6th

    Mon:  Labor day

    Tues:  OBJ:  I can learn the steps of an objective summary for theme using a rubric.

    HW:  Literature Project #2 due Sept. 20th

    Wed:  OBJ:  I can analyze the development of theme and practice an objective summary of a text.  

    TASK:  Paragraph Practice

    Thurs:  I can plan a narrative with a specific theme.  

    TASK:  Narrative Planning   ISN  pg. 5/6

    Fri:  OBJ:  I can look to my frontal lobe to resolve conflicts

    HW:  Membean Quiz #3