• Our year of learning is under way!  We are learning to love reading!

    August 26~ August 30



    Mon: OBJ: I can plan a skit around a specific theme.

    TASK:  Skit planning with team.

    HW:  Literature Project #1 is due Friday. Remember to look for the literature project assignments right here on my website.  Membean Quiz #2 is Friday.  Please train for three days and make sure you train for 15 min. each time. 

    Tuesday:  OBJ: I can present a skit using my speaking and presentation skills.

    TASK:  Skit presentations

    HW:  work on literature project and train for Membean

    Wednesday:  OBJ: I can analyze the theme of a text and see it's progress over the course of the text.

    TASK: "OLD Sultan" annotations and analysis of the theme.

    HW:  work on literature project and train for Membean

    Thursday:  OBJ: I can provide an objective summary of the theme.

    TASK:  Objective summary writing

    HW: Literature Project #1 due tomorrow

    Friday:  OBJ: I can use my pre-frontal cortex to resolve conflicts.  

    TASK: Brain notes and video

    HW:  Membean Quiz #2