BEHAVIOR CLIP CHART: The behavior management program that we will implement within our classroom involves the use of a colored level behavior clip system.  Each child will have a  Minion clip with their name on it. If they are above average in their behavior and effort---or if they do many 'helping things' for others, their clip will be 'clipped up.'  If the behavior warrants, the clip may be 'clipped down' a level. Each day, the student will 'color' his ending clip level on his daily behavior sheet, so that the parent will be able to track their daily behavior in class.  THIS NEEDS TO BE SIGNED NIGHTLY. :) :) A teacher phone contact will only be made when the student's behavior has warranted that by being clipped down several levels to 'red 2'.  Otherwise, please use the levels to reward your children, as they are usually on the expected green, 'Ready to Learn' level or above each day. :)
    The levels are listed below:
           Pink                    Purple                  Blue                Green                  Yellow                 Red                    Orange                     Red #2

    Role Model




    +2 points





    +1 point

    Good day




    +1 point

    Ready to       learn


    Think about it




    Oh, no, stop!



    -1 point

    Teacher choice



    -1 point





    -2 points


    Wow! I was a role model today!

    I had an outstanding day following all expectations!

    I put forth good effort today!

    I stayed focused and was ready to learn today.

    I broke a rule today and had to think about it.

    I broke another rule today and received a warning.

    My teacher had to have a conference with me today, and I lost a privilege.

    My teacher will be in contact with you.


    Students will color their Behavior tracking sheet in the homework folder for parents to see and sign nightly. On Fridays, students and teachers will check their days' colors for the week, and the teacher will punch their behavior card to be redeemed after 12 'good' punches --for an individual reward activity.
    The class also maintains a DoJo points system. This system allows the teacher to reward the entire class as a unit or an individual student in response to targeted positive and negative behaviors. We select a points goal, work daily toward that number of attained points, and when our 'DOJO Reward Day' comes, all students with the targeted number total (or above) participate in our reward time. Students keep track of their daily points, and parents can sign up to log in and see their child's daily positive and negative points/behaviors.