• Give to West Wing School and get it all back!
    Tax credits for West Wing School! So simple, and it's a Win-Win for everyone! You help the school, and you get back what you donated!
    Go to the West Wing School website and click on TAX CREDIT in the lower right hand corner
    It will take you to the page:
    Deer Valley Unified School District online tax credit donation
    Click on: make a donation
    Select a school: West Wing
    Select an Activity within that school: athletics, band, books, field trips, *general tax credit donation, music, sprit line, or student government
    Type in your student's name and student ID
    Enter the donation dollar amount
    Click the continue button at the bottom
    *General Tax credit donation is equally divided among all West Wing programs
    The new donation limits are: $400 for married couples filing jointly, $200 for individuals filing as single or head of household, and $200 for couples who are married but filing separately.