•  Words their Way is the district adopted curriculum used for word study, phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction.  It is a developmental spelling, phonics, and vocabulary program that is intended to be a part of a balanced literacy plan that includes fluency, comprehension and writing. After an initial assessment students are placed into groups and are given words to study in order to discover the common attributes.  In this manner students are actively constructing their own knowledge of spelling patterns.  Students learn features by completing activities such as word sorting, word hunts, games and drawing and labeling.  Students work individually, with partners, and in small groups to encourage cooperative learning and individual responsibility.
    Each Friday your child meets with their Words their Way group to learn about their new sort.  Then in their homeroom they spend time over the course of the next week working with these words.  Students are assessed in their classrooms during the week with a dictation sentence to determine their level of mastery with the word patterns.  Words on the test may not be the exact words they have been working with, but will follow the patterns they have been learning.  
    Homework is given nightly to help reinforce the spelling patterns and for the students to have time to manipulate their words and construct their own knowledge of the patterns.  Most nights the homework can easily be followed, but there may be weeks where the words don't fall as easily into a pattern to sort.