• Retakes

    I encourage your child to turn in his/work on time and do his/her very best on each and every assessment.  However, everyone has a moment when they don't perform up to their potential.  For this reason, I have created a retake contract to help out with this.   
    The retake process is designed to ensure that your child has had the opportunity to master the previously-taught material and will involve additional work and at-home practice.  It is a time-consuming process and not intended to be a quick grade-booster but rather an opportunity to demonstrate improved understanding of the content.  However, if a child wishes to retake a test, he/she should follow the following steps:
    • Download the retake contract.
    • The student will need to complete ALL elements of the contract to be considered eligible for a retake.
      The student should also have turned in all homework/classwork that is related to the assignment in order to be considered eligible for a retake.  
    • The new grade will replace the older grade in the grade book, whether it is an improved grade or not!

    Retake Contract