•  Homework is a very important part of school.  It gives your child the chance to practice what they are learning while becoming more responsible.  Studies consistently demonstrate the positive impact home support has on a child's success at school.  To help ensure that your child gets the best education possible, I ask all of my student's parents to become actively involved with their child's education.
    All students will bring home an assignment/behavior sheet each week.  Please check your child's assignment sheet each night to view what homework needs to be completed.  The assignment sheet also has a place for daily behavior too.  Please initial it each night and return it back to school the following day. 
    Reading:  Students are expected to read for 20 minutes daily.  On occasion your child may bring home a reading practice sheet reviewing the reading skill we are learning for the week.  This can count towards the 20 minutes of reading.  Raz-Kids is also available online if your child would like work on it during their 20 minutes of reading. 
    Math:  Math facts are an important part of third grade math.  Your child has been working on addition and subtraction the past two years in school, and they should now be able to recognize them by sight.  If your child is counting on their fingers to figure them out please spend  time practicing at home.  This year the students will be expected to begin multiplying and dividing numbers, so the basic facts are an important foundation.  Part of math homework for the first and second quarters will be to practice skip counting.  Occasionally a math worksheet will come home for the students to practice.  If there is difficulty understanding how to solve a problem, a worksheet labeled problem set will be set home to refer to.  The problem set worksheet is what we have worked on together in class, so all problems should be done correctly.
    Spelling:  Students will spend time working on their spelling in class.  Our spelling activities will be a variety of word sorts.  If you would like to practice with your child at home, they will have their words cut into small rectangles and kept in a ziploc bag.  Please refer to Words Their Way for ideas of how to practice at home.