• Volunteer Training :
    Do you want to volunteer here at New River Elementary?
    Do you want to chaperone?
    Do you want to help out in the Library?
    Do you want to assist on special projects?
        If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions please call me and schedule your


    The coordinated efforts of educators, parents and community members are key to ensuring student success. Volunteerism is encouraged and supported in Deer Valley.

    We are grateful to the thousands of volunteers who work in classrooms, on playgrounds and in school offices daily.

    The major goal of our volunteer program is to assist schools in providing the best possible education for each student. Volunteers are needed to accomplish the following objectives:

    ·         Provide teachers with more time to work with students

    ·         Enrich the curriculum and learning opportunities for students

    ·         Provide individual attention to those children needing additional assistance

    ·         Promote a school-home-community partnership for quality education.

    What You Can Do

    These are just a few of the many ways you can help students and teachers in our schools.

    ·         Classroom Reading, tutoring, etc.

    ·         Volunteer Coaches - Sports

    ·         Mentors for students

    ·         Clerical Assistance

    ·         Special Projects & Events

    ·         Guest Speakers

    ·         Library

    ·         Health Office

    ·         Office

    ·         Cafeteria

    ·         Playground

    Get Involved

    Volunteering will help you to...

    ·         Make a difference

    ·         Learn new things and teach others

    ·         Serve as a role model

    ·         Meet new people

    ·         Have fun!

    Anna Sponholz