• September 21, 2014

    Dear Terramar Community,

    A group of district employees, teachers, school administration, PTSA and other parents met on Friday, September 19th. The group examined results from air quality and air sample tests and worked together to identify future steps needed in order to return students back to school on Monday, September 22nd.

    DVUSD posted the official air quality results on the school website which shows that the air quality in all classrooms is within acceptable range, with the exception of the Band Room, which indicates a high spore count. In addition, after our meeting on Friday, September 19th, a substance was found under the baseboards in the Music Room, which appears to be mold. The Band and Music rooms will be closed off and unoccupied until remediation is complete, and good indoor air quality results are obtained. Additional test results from carpet and wall samples are expected to be available on September 24th

    Per Jim Migliorino at the meeting on Friday, September 19th, there were many carpet tiles on the first-floor with a white powdery substance as well as one carpet tile that had a black substance believed to be mold. The carpet tile that is believed to have had mold was found in the front entryway of the academic building and has been removed, and the area remediated. However, the additional tests from the carpet and wall samples will confirm if the substances are mold or not. Since the air quality tests passed, we are confident it is safe to come back to Terramar.

    We will deploy the following steps that were agreed upon on Friday, September 19th in order to ensure parents and staff feel confident classrooms are safe:

    Exterior Block Walls
    A timeline will be developed to caulk all grout and hairline cracks with latex sealer and repaint exterior to eliminate water seeping through the brick.

    First Floor Foundation Repair
    Terramar Administration will identify a room(s) to begin the process of drying and sealing the foundation. Once the appropriate process is identified a timeline for the remainder of the first-floor classrooms will be created. Carpet replacement will be determined on a case by case basis.

    Regular Air Quality Tests
    Initial air quality tests will be done by the week of October 6th. After that, during the first week of each month, ten air quality samples will be taken and analyzed. A Task Force will be formed that will include the school administrator; a representative from the parent community, PTSA, staff and District office to review the results. The Task Force will then communicate air quality results to the school community through the school’s monthly newsletter.

    School or Classroom Contents
    Verify all school and classroom contents are clean (e.g. books, packets of paper, etc.). School or classroom contents that are found to have mold should be reported immediately to Principal Wieser.

    Displaced Teachers
    If a teacher’s room is being repaired over an extended break, (e.g. winter holiday) a 1-2 day period will be provided to allow the teacher admission into their classroom. The purpose is to ensure teachers have sufficient time to reset their classroom and prepare for students the following Monday.

    DVUSD would like to thank Terramar’s PTSA and other parents who contributed to finding a workable solution. We also would like to acknowledge the generosity of CCV and their fantastic staff for all they have done for our students and staff to ensure learning continued throughout the past week.

    Parents are welcome to tour classrooms on Monday, September 22nd. Principal Wieser and Assistant Principal Dr. Haws will be leading group tours at the designated times (7 a.m., 7:30 a.m., 3:15 p.m. and 3:45 p.m.). If you would like to visit classrooms and other areas on campus, please meet school administration in the front office.

    We will see your child at school on Monday, September 22nd. Please rest assured that we are making the appropriate adjustments by working with school administration and Terramar community to make sure that our student’s health and safety are a top priority as teachers focus on great instruction. We are excited to welcome back staff and students to the Terramar campus tomorrow. If you have any questions regarding the next steps please contact Principal Wieser by email.
    Thank you for working with us throughout this week.


    Sharon Weiser             Dr.  James R. Veitenheimer
    Terramar Principal      DVUSD Superintendent