• September 18, 2014

    Dear Terramar Community,

    We have promised to keep you updated as new information is received. We intend to do just that! Today, we had 793 students attend school. It was another successful transition of students returning to CCV. We were able to begin a third day of instruction with no interruptions.

    We are returning to CCV tomorrow, Friday, September 19th, where instruction remains a focus for the entire school day. Students who typically walk to school or are dropped off to the school campus will continue to meet at the school site. Students should check in at the multi-purpose room where they will join their classroom teacher. District will provide busing from Terramar to CCV. We will be serving our students pizza, fruit, vegetables and milk tomorrow at CCV.

    The Maricopa County Environmental Services Department Environmental Health Division School Building and Grounds provided the District their inspection report which is posted to the Terramar website. The report indicates that testing and remediation observed appear to be in compliance with EPA’s Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings Guidelines. The department conducted a visual inspection and reviewed information available but did not conduct their own tests.

    Currently, we are awaiting the air quality results taken by Mr. Russ Lindsey of AccuClean on Tuesday, September 16th as well as the air sampling results from Wednesday, September 17th. We anticipate having the results from these tests by the end of Friday, September 19th.

    Please know that we are making progress and working with the Terramar parent group to communicate updates as we receive them. Once results are received, the District will work in conjunction with the PTSA to address any issues or concerns identified by the tests. Once this occurs, parents will receive the opportunity to visit inside the Terramar classrooms before students are cleared to return back to campus. It is important that you feel your child is safe to return to school.

    We will communicate all updates to our Terramar parent group and all parents as new information is provided tomorrow.

    We can’t thank you enough for all your cooperation while we resolve this issue and keep our students safe and learning. Please remember, we are teaching your children at CCV as instruction still remains our focus. We hope to see them tomorrow.


    Sharon Weiser              Dr.  James R. Veitenheimer
    Terramar Principal       DVUSD Superintendent