• Dear Terramar Community,

    We have promised to keep you updated as new information is received. We intend to do just that! Today, we had 593 students attend school. It was another successful transition of students returning to CCV. We were able to begin a second day of instruction with no interruptions. Certain grade levels were relocated to different rooms in order to accommodate larger class sizes. Students were provided a sack lunch as a menu replacement and recess time outside. Students do have the option of bringing a sack lunch from home as well.

    Tomorrow we are returning to CCV once again, where instruction will remain a focus for the entire school day. It is our hope that your child returns. We are asking students who typically walk to school or are dropped off to continue this practice tomorrow morning, in order to ensure an accurate accounting of students. Students should check in at the multi-purpose room where they will join their classroom teacher. District will provide busing from Terramar to CCV. We will be serving our students pizza with fruit, veggies and milk tomorrow at CCV.

    We are currently awaiting the air quality results taken by Mr. Russ Lindsey of AccuClean on Tuesday, September 16th. Additionally, we scheduled more extensive air sampling for the afternoon of Wednesday, September 17th. We anticipate having the results from these tests by the end of this week.

    An inspection was done by the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department on Tuesday, September 16th. The results of report indicated that no evidence was found to support allegations made in the complaint.

    We will communicate all updates to our Terramar family as new information is provided tomorrow. We are still evaluating the option of keeping our students at CCV for the remainder of the week. This will be determined if more time is needed for building assessments and remediation.

    We can’t thank you enough for all your cooperation while we resolve this issue and keep our students safe and learning. We hope to see all of our Terramar students tomorrow as it is an instructional day.


    Sharon Weiser                 Dr. James R. Veitenheimer
    Terramar Principal          DVUSD Superintendent