• Dear Terramar Community, 


    We were thrilled to return students back to Terramar this morning. Today, we had 833 students attend class! Students were happy to be back inside their classrooms as instruction took place throughout the entire day. This was evident by all the smiling faces roaming the entire school campus.


    This could not have occurred without working with the Terramar’s PTSA and other parents who contributed to finding a workable solution and to all the teachers who worked this past weekend getting their rooms ready for today. We can’t thank CCV enough for their generosity and fantastic staff. They are an absolute prime example of a District Business Partnership with Terramar and the community. The Governing Board will be recognizing their efforts at a future Governing Board Meeting.


    Parents were provided with the opportunity to tour classrooms before school and after school which were led by Jim Migliorino, Associate Superintendent of Fiscal & Business Services. We mentioned earlier that a Task Force will be created with a representative from the parent community, PTSA, staff and District office as well the principal. The Task Force will review all remediation and future testing results and then communicate to the school community.

    We apologize for not posting the most recent results on the school website until this morning. Additional test results from carpet and wall samples are expected to be available on September 24th. More information will soon follow.

    Let’s make the rest of this week a great one! Please know we are working diligently in making the appropriate adjustments in conjunction with district and the school to ensure our students and faculty are safe as they focus on great instruction. Thank you again for your patience. 



    Sharon Weiser                        Dr. James R. Veitenheimer

    Terramar Principal                  DVUSD Superintendent