• Mrs. Neiman
    3rd Grade Classroom


    Welcome to Mrs. Neiman's Third Grade Classroom at Park Meadows Elementary! 

    In our classroom we use whole body learning, offer flexible seating, use a Growth Mindset, & practice collaborative engagement strategies with learning.

    What to expect from 3rd grade? 

    Your student will develop more independent learning skills, become more inquisitive with their learning, start to become more active problem solvers, develop an understanding of how to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses in order to build a strong sense of progression in learning, and begin to learn how to be more organized for their person learning needs.
      We will learn the basic ways to build comprehension using different reading strategies, learn multiple ways that we respond to text through wrtiting structures and processes, begin to learn cursive basics, have more phenomena based learning within Science through NGSS standards, explore Social Studies topics with virtual field trips (use of technology), and explore student led research projects. 

    Readers To Leaders...

    Third graders should be entering into the reading to learn stages.  They will transition from listening and following to having more access with text and responding to the text that they read as a class, independently, or even in groups.  They will manipulate that information by making their learning visible.  This year students ask more questions, learn to develop predictions before or inquiring about next stages, develop inquisitive statements to build background knowledge, and then generalize what was read and what the theme or meaning is.  If we can decode, use context clues, restate what we have read, then we can begin to seek out text evidence based answers to respond to the text.  This will prepare us for more comprehension based learning in all areas of academics.  We will be prepared for anything!  In Mrs. Neiman's class reciprocal reading practices are enforced through homework nightly.


    Students will be working with problem solving skills using reading with addition, subtraction, placevalue, and using mental math.  They will learn to break down the problem and determine the proper way to respond using RDW (read, draw, write). Third grade topics for Math will be Measurement, Geometry (plane and dimensional), Multiplication and Division (A variety of different strategies and models will be taught), As well as the basics with Fractions.  Vocabulary within Mathematics will be critically explained and discussed for a stronger understanding of the foundational based skills.  Throughout third grade students will have in classroom mental math practice, whole class, and small group opportunities for learning.  In Mrs. Neiman's class daily math practices are enforced through technology based programs accessible at home as well as nightly practice. 

    ** CONTINUE MOBY MAX & DREAM BOX THROUGH THE SUMMER LEADING UP TO 3rd grade to keep their skills Sharp!**