• Neiman's 3rd Grade  Classroom


    Student/Teacher Expectations
    Within our 3rd grade classroom, Mrs. Neimans take a whole brain teaching approach; which means that we will actively engage in routines and repetitive responses with our whole body in order to interact effectively with each students full ability.  Mrs. Neiman will model, check for understanding, set proper expectations for independent practice as well as set-home practice expectations.  Class expectations are simple & created as a whole group with essential principles of:   
    1.  Follow directions quickly & quietly
    Promotes patience as well as respect within school-wide systems
    2. Raise your hand for permission to speak
    Promotes guided responses allows students processing time before they speak & teaches no blurting out during collaboration in learning times
    3.  Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
    Encourage safety for all students as well as teaches focus of curriculum first 
    4.  Make smart choices!
    Encourages self-awareness, intrinsic motivation, & promotes cohesive engagement 
    (Diamond Rules - To encourage A Glorious Kindness, Leadership, Invincible Grit, and Creativity) 
    Our classroom philosophy is built on the ideal of the whole child and their needs.  As an educator, my goal is to build intrinsic motivation through a student-centered approach.  Our active learning environment will involve differentiated instruction with verbal, kinesthetic, and auditory practices guided with a multi-tiered system of support.  
    Group/Team Work Learning  
    Our 21st Century learners benefit from effective interactive practices when working with their peers.  That being said; actively working in teams, whole group, and learning communities requires simple rules for diverse students and for multiple situations.  Science, Math, and Technology practices will encourage Student-Based Learning projects with group functionality.
    • Whole group lessons: Students will be taught to use proper voice, interact effectively in a social setting, use assertive but respectful responses, and incorporate academic vocabuary when they speak, as well as collaborate appropriately when differing opinions occur.  


    • Team Work:  Students will be placed in diverse teams during all academic areas.  Work teams will encompass activities, projects, and/or classwork which will be completed with diverse roles and graded with a team focus.  Front paired reading practices to S.T.E.M. based team projects, our class will be working more independently in third grade. 


    • Small Group:  Students will be a part of small groups throughout the school year for various purposes; differentiate or leveled groupings, re-teaching topics, extenting curriculum supports for higher learners, or intervention support for lower learners.    

                                              Class Group Rules:

                                               Give your best
                                               Respect all team members
                                               On topic & task
                                               Use active & appropriate voices
                                               Stay in your active group