• Morning
    Room 301 -parents please walk your child and sign in 
    Location:2nd grade quad ,bus lane gate closes to the kindergarten gate 
    Exploration and choice time/games/drawing/books/coloring
    Location-students meet the Global teacher at the picnic tables under the Ramada-attendance 4th and older group and kinder playground for the K-3 group
    3:00-3:30 Snack/playground
    3:30-4:00 Homework/AR Reading/quiet time-classroom 203 for K-3 group and 301 for 4th and older group
    4:00-4:45 Global Lesson/Activity-classroom
    4:45-5:00 Clean up classroom/pack up/ Grass area games/play or stay inside to finish homework /read
    5:00-6:00 room 301-student choice,exploration,technology integrated activity  
    Half Day Fridays
    Due to a longer day in the afternoon program we try to provide a variety of activities as well as pizza and a treat.
    11:35 am -meet the Global teachers at the picnic tables under the Ramada for attendance
    11:35-12:00 playground time
    12:00-12:30 pizza at the picnic tables
    12:30-1:30 Cafeteria-physical activity time-hula hoops,balls,games,jump rope.
    1:30-1:45 Ice cream /popsicle treat -picnic tables
    1:45-2:45 room 301-exploration time/drawing/books/games
    2:45-3:15 Playground
    3:15-4:00 Quiet time,reading,AR reading,homework-classroom
    4:00-4:45 Global lesson and activities/clean up time-classroom
    4:45-5:00 Clean up/pack up/grass area play while other students finish up work or activities 
    5:00-6:00 room 301 Technology Lab-Exploration/drawing/games/books 
    PLC FRidays-early release 1:30
    Students will meet Global staff at the Ramada by the cafeteria t be signed in.