Canyon Springs business and community partners help make a positive impact on student achievement, school improvement, and overall educational experiences that include a focus on STEM. School business partnerships represent all forms of positive collaboration which include mentorships, internships, related experiences, experiential learning, financial contributions, and in-kind donations.
    As a Canyon Springs partner in education, you can help prepare today's students to become tomorrow's leaders. Your participation helps forge the type of employees your company desires and needs. Your commitment to each student's success provides a community-minded model for our future adults.

    Do you own a business? Self employed? Part of a community?

    Canyon Springs wants to network with you!
    Become a partner today by by attending a New Partner Orientation
    Why Partner with DVUSD?

    Branding - Partnering with DVUSD gives your company an opportunity to strengthen its reputation from a community perspective.

    Workforce Development - Pass your knowledge along to today’s youth and help train tomorrow’s workforce.

    Identify Trends - Learn more about student performance, and upcoming trends to become more in tune with the next generation of employees and consumers.

    Networking - Network with people in a variety of positions from other companies during Business/Community Partnership events.

    Advertising – The district and schools promote the ways that Business/Community partners support DVUSD. Promotional materials, website postings, newsletter articles, news releases, and awards equate to soft advertising for your company or organization.

    Return on Investment: 
    DVUSD stakeholders represent potential new customers.
    Your company or organization’s partnership will be communicated to an audience of:

    34,000 parents through annual publications  *  5,000 email distribution list subscribers


    1,500 Facebook fans * 700 Twitter followers