Important Information for Parents


    Pre-K Parents, we need your help with traffic flow and safety!

    If you are using the drop off lane in the parking lot (blue curb), we ask that you do not get out of your vehicle.  If you need to get out of your vehicle to assist your child, sign your child in before school or locate your child after school, you must park in the parking lot.  Stopping on the blue curb severely slows down our traffic flow in the drop off/pick up lane. 

    You are not permitted to park in the handicapp spaces in the parking lot.  You must park in one of the parking lot spaces and walk up to pick your child. 

    If you are picking up your child in the parking lot and walking up to the building to meet your child, we ask that parents use the center crosswalk to escort students back to your parked car.  Parents should not be walking in between cars with students to return to their vehicle in the parking lot.  Students have been told to refrain from walking in between parked cars as this is very dangerous.

    Please refrain from driving in the wrong direction to exit the parking lot. 

    Please do not block the exit to the front parking lot driveway.  If you are waiting to pull in to the pick up lane in the side parking lot, we ask that you loop around so that the driveway is not blocked.  It is very important that vehicles can exit the front parking lot to assist with traffic flow.

    Thank you for your cooperation in following these safety procedures.



    We would like to remind all parents to encourage young children to not play around the stream near the front of the school unsupervised. Safety in and around the school is one of our primary concerns, so we are communicating this out of an abundance of caution.