• Classroom Rules

    My classroom rules are pretty easy.  I have 5 rules, and they are as follows:

    Rule #1  -  Listen when your teacher or friend is talking
    Rule #2 -  Follow directions quickly
    Rule #3 - Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat
    Rule #4 - Respect yourself, others, and your school
    Rule #5 - Make smart choices

    If students are following these rules, they are well on their way to a great day.

    Classroom Discipline Model

    Our classroom will have a hanging chart with 7 colors on it, for students to manipulate. Each student will have a clip with their name on it. Every day all clips will begin on green, middle of the chart, and throughout the day as children exhibit positive behavior they will be able to clip up. If students are making poor choices, they will move their clip down. Please remember that green IS A GREAT DAY!!! Do not lose sight of that!

    PINK- “outstanding” exceeded expectations & moved up 3 times!!!

    PURPLE- “great job” exceeded expectations & moved up 2 times!!!

    BLUE- “good day” exceeded expectations & moved up 1 time!!!

    GREEN- “ready to learn” followed ALL expectations for the day!!! YAY!

    YELLOW- “reminder” made a choice that was not appropriate for the classroom learning environment. Everyone in life needs reminders, so if the behavior stops, there are no additional consequences for this level.

    ORANGE- “teacher’s choice” the teacher will determine an appropriate consequence for their action to rectify the situation. This could be a loss of privilege, writing an apology note, or whatever seems fit for that situation with that particular student.

    RED- “parent contact” the student was consistently making poor choices that affected the learning environment. Parents will be contacted that day about their child’s behavior.