Deer Valley Online Learning Program Stories

  • Fall 2016/2017 Student: Hi Ms. Fitzpatrick!

    I just wanted to thank you for being so incredibly lenient with this online course throughout this semester. I took on a lot with band, choir, dance, clubs, and other classes and I became very overwhelmed. I really appreciated your understanding, especially during marching season. Thank you again for helping me complete this course. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year. :)
    eSchool student Sierra with horse
    Sierra's Story: My name is Sierra S. and I am 17 years old and a junior in high school. This is my second year doing eSchool and could not be more pleased with the way it has treated me.
    I am originally from Wyoming, and my family and I live there every summer on a 85,000 acre cattle ranch. I do ranch work most of the summer, from branding calves to breaking colts, but mostly, I rodeo.
    I was the State Champion Barrel Racer, Reserve All Around Champion, and Rookie of the Year in my freshman year of high school. I am a two-time National Barrel Racer Qualifier, placing fourth in a round this past summer at Nationals. This year I am holding the All Around, Barrel Average, and sitting fourth in the Goat Tying and Breakaway currently in AHSRA. I've been from South Dakota to Texas and eSchool allows me do that and practice every single day. It has given me a flexible life that every competitor dreams of in rodeo, and I hope because I decided to go online I will accomplish great things.
    Sierra S. ~ DVOLP Student

    TeSchool student Tyler yler's Story: eSchool has given Tyler the opportunity to travel to Europe last fall, train in the Netherlands and make the Serbian National Soccer Team. He has had the chance to go through extensive training camps for weeks in California. Tyler has been offered a professional contract with the Orange Country Blues Soccer Team. “We believe this opportunity would have never presented itself if he wasn’t enrolled in eSchool. It has been amazing for him to accomplish all this and still be working on getting his high school diploma and graduating with his class. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
    ~ DVOLP Parent
    Fall 2015/2016 Student: " I'm glad I'm doing this class online because it gives me the smallest amount of wiggle room that saves me from hitting the wall I hit last year and I got pheumonia and my grades plummeted. Not to mention to add with the flexibility of me being able to do my assignments for this class on my own time. I am actually learning and being able to apply what I learn in depth, when in my past experiences it's been the only way I could stay on top is if I crank out cookie-cutter essays and projects and assignments. It makes me really enjoy this class because it brings me back to being able to actually enjoy learning without drowning in boring, dry bookwork. I can actually use my brain and not a set of self defense mechanisms like kissing up and tailoring what I write to barely meet whatever standards the teacher set. 
    Princeton came and reminded me I have to excel and not fall back and I still have to write this essay due in less than 8 hours and memorize a 16 page concerto and perfect at least 4 piano solos and 3 piano duets and 5 trumpet etudes and at least 2 trumpet solos and perfect a lot of concert pieces and do my scrolls for history and retake 2 math tests on concepts I have to relearn and finish my take-home test and I still have to find novelty breakfast dishes for marching band and assemble a movie fundraiser because I'm president of chess club and volunteer for physics club and possibly be chosen to go to the deca leadership conference and still be able to work perfectly for the library's open mics because I'm one of the only few pianists that can comp and still find out how to be a good section lead and principal trumpet for both wind ensemble next year and Phoenix youth symphony this year not to mention going to the district orchestra assembly to play star spangled banner how I am not dead yet honestly the flexibility this class gives me is my salvation." 
    Spring 2015/2016 Student: "I absolutely love taking online classes through e-schools. This semester I am finishing up my last four classes through e-schools. I had some difficulty focusing and turning in work while I was in the classroom setting last semester. In previous semesters, I had to take two other e-school classes; one for credit recovery and another elective to stay on track for graduation. I did well in those classes so my mom encouraged me into finishing up my last semester of high school online. I enjoy the freedom of being able to work on my classes 24/7. I also enjoy being able to work ahead into future assignments as I have extra time. My grades have excelled this semester and I am thrilled. I am still considered a student at Mountain Ridge and am still able to participate in all school activities. I will also graduate with my friends that I have known since daycare and elementary."

    Math Class email

    Mrs. Hopson,
    I can't thank you enough for what you are doing with Tatum. You are making such a difference in Tatum, academically and in life. She adores you and looks up to you so much. There is nothing better for a Mom than to hear the things I hear about you and see the influence you have. She strives to understand and wants to do well in your class. This family is so blessed to have you in our lives and I say "our" because Tatum talks about you all the time. From one Mom to another...THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting, loving, encouraging, and going the extra mile for my girl. Words cannot express enough.
    -DVOLP Mom

    eSchool teacher Nicole Duquette John is in his second semester with me and has been working diligently to increase his mastery of the ELA skills for Social Studies. His DBQs are now on level with those of AP students and a recent project of his scored a perfect score on the Tech/Analysis project rubric. Check out his link:!impacts/cnnz
    Nicole Duquette ~ Assistant Principal SDOHS & DVOLP Teacher
    eSchool teacher Kathy Morgan A former student of mine in Marketing wrote to me two years after finishing his online Marketing class and thanked me for "teaching him a lot about the subject he loves the most."  He is currently at NAU studying Marketing! 
    Kathy Morgan ~ DVOLPTeacher