Building Update 09-26-14
    September 26, 2014

    Dear Terramar Community,

    This has been a great week back! Students and staff are settled back into classrooms and instruction remains a focus throughout the school day. We have received the indoor air quality test results for the Music Room as well as a couple of other areas in the classroom building. These results are posted below on this page. These results indicate that the Music Room can be occupied and all the other areas tested confirmed the indoor air quality continued to be safe. Classes will be held in the Music Room starting Monday, September 29th.

    We are still waiting for the test results on the carpet tile and the sample from under the carpet tile. We hope to have these results in the upcoming days.

    Today, we had a coating representative on campus to verify the product that will be suggested to seal the exterior block. Tentatively, we are scheduled to seal a test area of the two-story classroom building on Monday, September 29th followed by painting once the sealing has cured. We are awaiting confirmation from the flooring contractor on the schedule to seal the floor of Room 116. Results will be posted on the school website once they are received.

    Thank you again for your patience.


    Sharon Weiser                   Dr. James R. Veitenheimer
    Terramar Principal            DVUSD Superintendent