• October 3rd Terramar Update

    We have enjoyed two weeks of continuing instruction since returning back to our campus. Students and staff are settled back into classrooms and instruction remains a focus throughout the school day.

    We have received the carpet test results this week and those results will be posted on the school webpage on Monday. These results indicate that the "white substance" on the back of the carpet tile is a synthetic material and minerals, not a mold. The swab test that was done in the one identified area under the carpet tile was determined to be myxomycete, a general category for commonly found genera usually associated with living and decaying plants that typically pose no health concerns to humans or animals. This area has been previously remediated prior to students returning to the campus.

    During the rain storm last weekend, the buildings were monitored. There were some areas where water did make it in to the building, especially on the west and south facing doors and windows, but nothing like the event we endured on September 8th. The District used thermal imaging and moisture meters (protimeter) in every classroom to check for signs of moisture. All three identified areas of concern were able to return to a dry condition without a formal remediation effort.

    We have completed the sealing of the test area of the exterior block (north side of classroom building). We will conduct a RILEM test - a test that shows if water can penetrate the exterior wall - early next week. Based on a recommendation from the coating representatives, we need to wait to conduct any additional water tests until the product fully cures. If this test area passes all these tests, we will schedule to seal the remainder of the exterior block walls.

    We continue to get high humidity readings inside the building. We believe a contributing factor is from the moisture in the first floor concrete slab. We are making arrangements to relocate some classrooms to be able to address the rooms with the greatest evidence of moisture. This effort will include removing the existing finish floor, drying out the concrete slab, sealing the concrete slab, and then reinstalling the finish floor to see how much of a difference this will make. If we have success in sealing the moisture from coming up through the slab and, in turn, we can reduce the humidity levels in these classrooms, we will do this in all the areas that warrant being sealed.

    A Terramar Task Force has been created. The members have been established and their first meeting is scheduled for this week. The Task Force will be determining the areas to test for the additional ongoing indoor air quality testing. They will also be reviewing the results of all the tests we will be conducting and providing input on future efforts.

    As we are nearing our Fall break for this Friday October 10th and Monday the 13th, We wanted to wish our teachers and parents a safe and relaxing time with their families. We appreciate the cooperative effort towards improving the Terramar Elementary School campus.

    Thank you,
    Sharon Wieser, Principal
    Terramar School