Welcome to 7th Grade Science!

    Each day in Room 221, we will spend one hour as SCIENTISTS! 

    Your day will always begin with bellwork where we work on developing our scientific thinking. It will be followed by some mindfulness techniques. Next, we will jump into our science content for the day!

    We will begin this year by learning about science basics. We will learn about different types of variables, the scientific method, and various of data used in science. This firm foundation will support your understanding of science as you continue to move forward in your scientific career. Prepare to have your mind expanded! I teach with LOTS of labs and we will do so many experiments, you will not be able to count them all. What you WILL be able to do is retain the information we learn, use it in valuable ways, and achieve your goals all year long.

    Here are the units we will be covering this year:

    Unit 1- Newton's Laws (Q1)

    Unit 2- Forces at a Distance (Q1)

    Unit 3- Gravitational Forces (Q1)

    Unit 4- Weather, Climate, and Water Cycling (Q2)

    Unit 5- Metabolic Reactions (Q2-3)

    Unit 6- Matter Cycling and Photosynthesis (Q3-4)

    Unit 7-  How and Why does Earth’s Surface Change? (Q4)

    I promise this year will be a BLAST… but I will require a lot from you. I need you to do your best each day so that we can learn as much as possible during our time together. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime (or at least your 7th grade year).  

     Oh, and don't forget... I am here for you, no matter if it is science-related or not!

    Your Teacher,
    Mrs. Rhoades