• I have very high expectations in my classroom. 7th grade is a wonderful year because students are no longer little elementary students... they are officially in middle school!
    This comes with many new opportunities as well as some new challenges. Parents, be prepared for some growing pains as we move throughout this year. Just know that this year is designed to develop some new skills and habits that will help your child as they move into more and more rigorous academic experiences. When you start seeing these changes, reach out to me. I am here to work through these with you! It is my pleasure to work with your child, you as the parent/ guardian, and the other educators at Terramar to ensure your child meets their potential this year.
    I expect students to...
    1. be engaged in class activities, giving me their best effort.
    2. be kind and respectful to everyone (you don't need to be "besties", or even like them, but you WILL be kind)
    3. complete work on time and to the best of their ability.
    4. check their own grades weekly and come to me with concerns right away.
    5. collect any missing work on their own.
    I expect parents to...
    1. sign up for powerschool and canvas to monitor student progress.
    2. discuss grades with their child weekly.
    3. communicate any concerns immediately. (e-mail is the best way to get a quick response) 
    The things I expect from myself...
    1. To love and respect your child as if they were my own.
    2. To teach my students in the most fun, interesting, and rigorous way I know how and to never stop looking for and learning better methods.
    3. To teach the hard life lessons, holding firm on my rules, expectations, and deadlines (while taking into consideration that life happens).
    4. To communicate with families through individual notes, phone calls, and e-mails.
    5. Grow each student so they reach their upmost potential in 6th grade.