Safe Schools

  • Anonymous Safe School Hotline      623-376-3262     24 hours/7 days a week
    The DVUSD has established an Anonymous Hotline for students, parents, educators, or community members to report rumors or information on criminal activity on campuses or against Deer Valley students. Deer Valley is encouraging any information on possible crimes or violent activity to be reported immediately, even if the information is merely a rumor. These calls can be made anonymously, as the district's goals are to maintain safe, secure campuses. In addition, calls on suspected drug use, vandalism, or thefts are welcomed to help hold accountable those who commit criminal acts. When appropriate, information from the Safe Schools Hotline will be shared with local law enforcement. The hotline will be monitored throughout every school day, but should not be considered a replacement for 911. In an emergency or situation requiring immediate police action, (i.e., fire, crime in progress, etc.) a call should be made to 911 to make an immediate report to the proper authorities. Maintaining safe campuses requires the efforts of everyone in the district, including students, parents, educators, and support staff. Safety is an ongoing commitment that is possible only through the efforts of every member of the campus community. Your call could make the difference!