• Discipline




    We will be utilizing a clip chart behavior system to help students monitor their behavior within the classroom. Students can move up or down as needed. They are rewarded for good behavior as well as encouraged to self-monitor poor behavior choices. Each day students begin on green, “Ready to Learn”. When a student makes a poor behavior choice, he/she will move the clip down. Students have the opportunity to move the clip back up throughout the day for good behavior choices, and earn points for various rewards each month.

    Purple: Outstanding

    Green: Ready to learn 

    Orange: Make Better Choices 

    Yellow: Stop and Think!
    (Reflect on what you are doing wrong.
    May include time out in another classroom, loss of recess or center time.)

    Red: Stop Behaviors 
    (Reflection time in another classroom or the office.
    Email or call home to parent. May include an office referral.)

    Our goal is to provide students with opportunities necessary to make the most of their day at school. We will achieve this by working together to ensure an environment conducive to learning. Should your child struggle with following the rules on a regular basis, this may be communicated to you either through email, a note home (to be signed and returned) or a telephone call. In extreme circumstances, an office referral will be given and you will be contacted.

    We will have 4 rules for the year. Students will show accountability for their actions within the classroom by following these rules. Please review these rules with your child by asking them to provide you with an example of what the following rules look like within the classroom.

    1. Be respectful.
    2. Be responsible.
    3. Be safe.
    4. Be the best student you can be!

    Students can also earn PACE Tickets for demonstrating exemplary behavior! These PACE Tickets are placed in a monthly drawing for some pretty awesome prizes.