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        Hearing & Vision
           Hearing and vision screenings are done on all kindergarten students, new (to district) students, and all students who receive services through   the special education department.  In addition, students in the 1st, 2nd, and 6th grades are also screened.  Parents and teachers can request   a screening for any student at any time when a concern arises. Vision referral letters are sent home to notify parents if the students have difficulties with any portion of the screening. Students who have difficulty with an initial hearing screening will be tested again in 30 days,   and if still having problems, will be referred to an audiologist.  Parents will be notified with a referral letter.  Screenings will be conducted during the first semester of school.
    If a referral is made for a follow-up eye exam with a doctor, but there is a financial barrier to obtaining the exam, please contact Nurse Jackie at 602-467-5310.  Resources are available to help.

    Scoliosis screening is completed on all 5th graders, usually in the second semester and during PE class.  A note will be sent home to parents to notify when students will be screened.