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     Registering for Your Freshmen Year in High School
    Eighth grade students attending a DVUSD school will be automatically enrolled at the high school in the student's attendance area.  Students will receive information about registering for courses at their DVUSD high school from their counselor in the middle part of their 8th grade year.  Students who would like to attend a high school outside of their attendance area, should click here for open enrollment information.  Please note that open enrollment status does not automatically continue from the 8th to the 9th grade.  A new open enrollment form must be submitted to continue open enrollment status after 8th grade. For a list of highlights for each high school, click here.

    Students who are not currently attending a DVUSD school, but plan on enrolling at a DVUSD high school should click here for more information.
     The Academic Planning Guide has a complete listing of all high school courses. All freshmen will take 6 courses each semester.  
    Incoming Freshmen Students will typically select from the following courses.  Students interested in taking an honors level course should click here for guidance on honors placement.
    English Language Arts (choose one)
    ELA 1-2
    ELA 1-2 Honors
    ELA 3-4 Honors (if student has completed ELA 1-2 Honors in 8th grade)
    Mathematics (choose one) 
    Algebra 1-2
    Algebra 1-2 Honors
    Geometry, Geometry H, Algebra 3-4, Algebra 3-4 H are available to students who have met the pre-requisites
    Science (choose one) 
    Biology Honors
    Physical Education and Health
    Students interested in taking PE and Health during the summer before their freshmen year can click here for Aspire summer school Information.
    Electives (choose 2)
    See school websites and/or Academic Planning Guide for more information about available electives. 
    Fine and Performing Arts Courses  (Click Here for Audition Info)
    Career and Technical Education Courses (Click Here for CTE Brochure)
    World Language Courses
    (Notes: BGHS students must select a World Language course as one of their electives; students who have successfully completed Spanish 1-2 Honors in 8th grade may enroll in Spanish 3-4 honors)    
    Students will earn .5 credit for each semester of a course that they successfully pass.  Students must earn 22 credits and pass the required courses to graduate. Click here for more information on graduation requirements.