Gifted Cluster Model

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  • Gifted Cluster Model Benefits:

    1. Serving the learning needs of gifted students in a full-time program that delivers consistent curriculum &differentiation opportunities
    2. Grouping gifted students together in otherwise heterogeneous classes with a teacher who has special training in how to meet their unique learning needs
    3. Facilitating the emergence of new academic leaders in classes that do not contain a gifted-cluster group
    4. Improving support to classroom teachers byway of gifted specialists who have fewer teachers’ schedules to work with
    5. Improving student performance by communicating higher expectations for all students, by reducing the range of achievement in all classes, and by providing staff development in gifted education for teachers 
    6. Increasing overall achievement at the grade levels that use cluster grouping
    7. Raising expectations for all students by opening access to classroom opportunities historically reserved for identified gifted students only


    Gifted Cluster Classrooms Provide:

    • Enrichment
    • Acceleration
    • Extended, Real-world Learning Opportunities
    • Emphasis on on Problem Solving
    • Higher Order, Critical, & Creative Thinking Skills  

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