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  • SAGE is a content replacement program in language arts and math for identified gifted students in grades 3-6. Students may be eligible for this program when they score at the 94th percentile or higher on a state-approved gifted assessment. All identified students meet daily in the SAGE classroom, in lieu of general education classrooms to receive their instruction in English language arts and/or math from an endorsed gifted teacher. Curriculum, materials, and content are accelerated and enriched at the appropriate challenge level for students (up to one year above grade level). The pace of instruction is quick with discussions probing for breadth and depth as well as precision and clarity. Students are encouraged to problem solve, think critically and persevere to reach their potential for achievement. SAGE offers an environment of like minds for the duration of a full class period in either English language arts and/or math. The SAGE learning environment provides opportunities to see and make connections from prior learning, across curricular areas, to present learning.

    Curriculum in SAGE ELA and SAGE Math include:

      • William & Mary
      • Jacob's Ladder  
      • Junior Great Books
      • Classic and Contemporary literature
      • Socratic Seminars  
      • Project Based Learning
      • Integrated curriculum
      • Advanced problem-solving structures
      • Math Olympiad 
      • Grammar and vocabulary instruction