• High School

  • Deer Valley offers a wide range of courses for students needing an academically rigorous environment in every grade level. We understand that this rigor meets the needs of many of our gifted learners, but we also know that gifted students may need a more enriching environment. This is currently available to our K-8 students in many of our gifted programs such as Bright Child Kindergarten, Gifted Cluster, SAGE, SPARK, Renaissance, and Advanced Courses.  

    In addition, to a rigorous and enriching curriculum, more research is coming to light about gifted learners and the unique social and emotional needs this population has. It is important that our teachers are knowledgeable and have the tools needed to support these students. Deer Valley also understands that it is important to have  gifted specific programs available to provide supports for this population of learners at all grade levels.

    Deer Valley Gifted Services is currently working with all of our high schools to create and support programs that not only better meet the needs of our gifted learners but that also fit into the cultures of our individual campuses. All of our schools offer different gifted services and models, but all programs adhere to the gifted core areas below.

    High School Core Areas

  • Advanced, Honors, AP, IB, & Gifted Courses

    Our middle schools offer Advanced courses for all gifted and high achieving students. High achieving students are not necessarily gifted, but they seek more academic rigor and are generally on a path towards college. At the high school level, we offer Honors, AP, IB, and Gifted courses. These all vary from school to school, and have honors points that can be earned. The Honors, AP, & IB are all similar to the middle school Advanced classes, as they offer more rigor than standard classes. Our Gifted courses are more hands-on, more inquiry-based, and offer more student choice. They are also taught by gifted trained teachers. Some of these classes are more rigorous and are also Honors, AP, or IB, and some are not. All of these options vary from school to school.
    If you want to have your child participate in Gifted courses, they must be identified as gifted by a state approved test and meet the school criteria for placement. More information on gifted identification testing is on our website here: www.dvusd.org/giftedtesting
    More information can be found in our high school Academic Planning Guide.
    A great option for our gifted and & highly able learners....