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    Deer Valley teachers use Reading Street 2013 program to guide kindergarten through fifth grade students in meeting the Arizona College and Career Ready standards.  Reading Street nurtures a love of reading with authentic award-winning literature.  Students are exposed to a grade appropriate balance of fiction and nonfiction literature that includes many different genres from folktales and poems to biographies and technical writing.  Students interact with text in multiple ways including interactive digital resources.   The Reading Street program builds early literacy skills for decoding text and provides a structure for students to understand more complex text.  The engaging Reading Street topics are taught using concept-specific vocabulary and build science and social studies content knowledge that prepares students to meet the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.  Students have opportunities to make connections, build comprehension skills and use what they have learned.  Reading Street inspires confidence for children to read in new and challenging ways.  Resources and materials from the Reading Street program allow teachers to differentiate and provide small group instruction to meet every learner's needs. The Reading Street 2013 Common Core provides the framework, materials and resources to meet our students' needs and guide students in meeting the Arizona College and Career Ready Standard.

    We invite you to watch a modeled Reading Street lesson here.


    Reading Street

    Pearson Realize

    Students can access their Reading Street materials electronically from home by logging into their PowerSchool account.  Pearson Realize gives students electronic access to the class reading program, including the main selection of the week, leveled readers, on-line reading centers and allows students to practice skills taught in class.  Each student has an individual user name and password. Please contact your student's teacher for sign-in information.


    Words Their Way

    Deer Valley is transitioning from traditional spelling instruction to a word study approach.  Using Words Their Way, students develop knowledge of English spelling and learn how to examine words through active exploration using a hands-on manipulative approach.  During word study, students discover generalizations about spelling, instead of just spelling rules.  Students also learn the regularities, patterns, and conventions of English orthography needed to read and spell.  Students also increase their knowledge about words while studying not only the spelling but meanings of words based on their spellings.  The Words Their Way small group structure allows teachers to meet the needs of all students based on their developmental spelling stage. 


    Write from the Beginning and Beyond

    Write from the Beginning and Beyond (WFTBB) is Deer Valley's core writing program.  WFTBB is a developmental program that teaches students to use Thinking Maps® to create structured, meaningful pieces of writing.  Thinking Maps® allow students to visualize and organize their thinking based on the fundamental thought process needed to complete writing tasks.  WFTBB allows teachers to differentiate instruction according to the individual needs of students, assess areas of strengths and areas that need improvement.  This writing program sets the stage for students to successfully produce structured writing and meet the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.



    Reading 180 (4-12)

    Read 180 is a core program or intervention program used for some students that are performing below grade level standards. Click here to view the Read 180 page.