• Mrs. Dymond’s Third Grade Science

    Welcome to Science!

    This school year, your child will be engaged in a tremendous amount of investigations and research. Students will be responsible for documenting all investigations in their science notebook, using the inquiry process. The science notebook is a major part of the science grade. Students will have quizzes and  assessments. Students are encouraged to use their science notebook during each test.
    When observing, have your child make a list of observations (sees, feels, hears, smells) from those observations, make questions and I wonders, if there is a problem, create a solution. 
    This year is all about phenomenon learning: Here is a great video to build your understanding.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWqg2d_kK8w  
    Unit 1- Investigating Light
    Unit 2- Investigating Sound