• Adopted Curriculum Resource Materials for K-6 Science

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    The adopted resource for Kindergarten through Sixth grade is the Full Option Science System (FOSS).

    FOSS is a research-based program developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS), University of California, Berkeley with support from the National Science Foundation.  FOSS developers are dedicated to the propositions that all students learn science best by doing science.  FOSS investigations provide in-depth exposure to subject matter while guaranteeing that the cognitive demands placed on students are appropriate to their cognitive abilities.

    Although the FOSS program is primarily hands-on in the classroom, there are some online support materials available at http://www.fossweb.com/  Note:  Some online resources, e.g., eBooks, must be activated by the teacher.

    Adopted modules by grade level are:

    • Kindergarten - Animals Two by Two, Trees and Weather, Materials in Our World
    • 1st Grade - Balance and Motion, New Plants, Pebbles Sand and Silt
    • 2nd Grade - Air and Weather, Insects, Solids and Liquids
    • 3rd Grade - third grade is transitioning based on the new Arizona Science standards to different resources
    • 4th Grade - Water, Environments, Landforms, Magnetism and Electricity
    • 5th Grade - Human Body, Levers and Pulleys, Mixtures and Solutions, Sun Moon and Stars 
    • 6th Grade - Diversity of Life, Weather and Water

    Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD) in partnership with the Deer Valley Education Foundation (DVEF) maintains a central warehousing and distribution system for the FOSS modules.  This system ensures that each teacher checking out a FOSS module for their students will receive a complete module with all its components.  Additionally, many of the living organisms are furnished to classrooms at no cost through the DVEF Science Resource Center