• Reading and Spelling Games
    Alphabetizer Game
    The Alphabetizer
    Trying to remember the order of the letters in the alphabet?  Or just need some brain exercise?  This game will give you a good workout!

    Clueless Crossword Game
    Clueless Crossword  << one of my favorites!
    This is a very cool crossword puzzle.  It takes a lot of trial and error to solve it and, if you get desperate, you can ask for hints.

    Letter Blocks Game
    Letter Blocks 
    This game is great for anyone who likes "search" and "word" games.  Pick letters out of the grid to form words.  How many can you make?

    Parking Mania: Zoo Escape Game
    Parking Mania: Zoo Escape  << one of my favorites!
    We got a LOT of requests for this game!  The driving is easier than our "extreme" versions and you get to rescue animals.  What could be better?

    Game Spelling Monster
    Spelling Monster
    Study from spelling lists and practice taking spelling tests.  If you want a challenge, work on spelling lists from higher grades!

    Starts With ?
    This game gives you some great practice on figuring out the first letter of words.  You'll get a picture of something and you'll need to pick out the letter that it starts with.

    Vowel Splat Game
    Vowel Splat
    Whether you're learning how to read or not, this game is oddly enjoyable!  It's simple: click on the vowels...  if you can catch them... and make them go SPLAT!

    What Letter Comes Next Game
    What Letter Comes Next?
    Think you know your alphabet really well?  How fast can you think of what letter comes next?  This game gives some good keyboarding practice too!