• All students currently enrolled in the Mandarin program and all prospective students must complete a Mandarin Enrollment form for the new school year.
    Complete the form and return it to the school site.

    2020-21 Desert Sage Mandarin Immersion Enrollment Form


    2020-21 Gavilan Peak Mandarin Immersion Enrollment Form 

    Note:  To fill in the form electronically, it must be opened in Adobe Acrobat.
    If you are outside of the Gavilan Peak or Desert Sage boundaries you will need to fill out the Mandarin Enrollment Form and ALSO an Open Enrollment Form for DVUSD. The Open Enrollment Forms are to be completed ONLINE.
    Success in the DVUSD Mandarin Partial Immersion Program requires a partnership between Mandarin staff and parents.  This includes a commitment of DVUSD staff and a commitment of DVUSD Mandarin program parents.  Read and sign the DVUSD Parent Commitment Form, accepting your commitment as a parent to the program.

    Step 1: Complete and print a Mandarin Enrollment Form and scan and return to the school site, Gavilan Peak School or Desert Sage Elementary.

    Step 2: If you are outside of the school boundaries and are new to the Mandarin Program you need to fill out an Open Enrollment Form online.
    Step 3:  Print and sign the Mandarin Parent Commitment Form and return to the school site, Gavilan Peak School or Desert Sage Elementary. 

    Please email Hope Loveland for help or for any questions.

    Thank you and welcome!