• Behavior Management
    Our goal is to provide a classroom community where children feel comfortable expressing themselves positively and responsibly.  Our goals, or rules, for fourth graders are as follows:


              Be Responsible.  This includes completing work on time, staying on task, following directions the first time, and taking care of personal and classroom materials.

              Be Respectful.  This means listening to your teacher and classmates, and contributing to a productive learning environment for yourself and others with positive words and actions.

              Be Kind.  This includes being honest, sharing, and including others.

              Be Safe.  This means keeping our hands and feet to ourselves, walking in the classroom and on the sidewalks, etc.


    Students will earn "Spot On" tickets for showing great character and making good choices.  The tickets can be used for a weekly class or grade level band drawing or for purchases at the monthly "Kudos" cart. 

     We also recognize students can make mistakes or poor choices.  The following consequences will be used:

    1.    Verbal warning.

    2.    Student may conference with the teacher or sit out in another place in the room for a brief time out. 

    3.   If student continues to make poor choices, he/she may be given a reflection sheet to be filled out in a buddy classroom. An email or phone call to a parent will follow to discuss the behaviors.

    4. Conference with the Dean or the Principal if infraction is Major.


    Here at Legend Springs, we are proud to say that:  We Are Legendary!!