• Class Content
    • Formulating and reasoning about expressions and equations
    • Solving linear equations
    • Solving systems of linear equations
    • Graphing a function
    • Using functions to describe quantitative relationships
    • Calculations of measurement for 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes
    • Similarity and congruence of shapes
    • Pythagorean Theorem
    Key Area of Focus:  Linear Algebra

    Grading Policy

    50 % Tests and Quizzes

    • There will be no retakes on module or topic tests.
    • Student will not qualify to take the tests until all notes and the review has been completed.
    • Any student scoring under 80% a test will be required to complete reteach lessons.
    • Any student needing to complete reteach lessons will be given a second different exam after completing the assignments.

    30% Authentic Assessments

    • Students will be assigned projects and tasks that require they use the module concepts.
    • Projects and tasks can be redone.

    20% Knowledge Acquisition

    • Classroom assignments.
    • Discussion boards on Canvas.
    • Students may be assigned to take notes on videos.


    Citizenship Grade

    • Students receive a grade of E, S, N or U.
    • An excellent is awarded based on observing a student’s willingness to be of service. A satisfactory is awarded when a student is meeting what is required of them.